What's the buckycube toy?

The bucky cube toy is a magnetic desktop toy made up of small magnetic cubes that can be arranged and rearranged to form different shapes and patterns. The cubes are made of neodymium magnets, which are very strong and can be manipulated to create various structures and designs.

The name "Bucky" comes from Buckminster Fuller, an American architect and inventor who was known for his work on geodesic domes and other innovative structures. The cubes are inspired by the geometry of Buckminster Fuller's work and are designed to be used as a creative and educational tool for exploring concepts like geometry, symmetry, and magnetism.

Buckycubes are popular among both children and adults as a fun and interactive way to learn about science and math. They come in different colors and sizes, and can be used to create a wide range of shapes and structures, from simple cubes and pyramids to more complex designs like spheres and dodecahedrons.