What are some common EDC toys, do you know a few?

I believe many friends in the EDC circle know that there are many small gadgets in EDC, with novel appearances and high prices. They are niche products but also popular. Today, let's take a look at the most common ones we often hear:

  1. Fidget spinner
    A fidget spinner is a small toy with a symmetrical design that can spin on your fingers. It consists of a symmetrical body with bidirectional or multidirectional movement and a bearing in the middle. The basic principle of this toy is similar to that of a traditional spinning top, but it requires several fingers to grasp and flick it to make it spin. In addition, the appearance, structure, material, and surface treatment of fidget spinners are diverse and constantly innovating, and their spinning effects are also varied and flexible.

2.Brass knuckles

  1. Brass knuckles are a common weapon used by martial artists to enhance their combat effectiveness. They are versatile and can also be integrated into martial arts routines.

However, when brass knuckles were introduced to the EDC circle, they clearly became something else. They are not just a weapon for self-defense but also a toy in people's hands.

  1. Tactile coin
    A tactile coin is a small metal toy about the size of a biscuit. Rubbing the surface with your fingers produces a crisp sound, similar to an upgraded version of flipping or pressing a ballpoint pen for elementary school students.

Compared to other small things, playing with a tactile coin in your hand is very helpful for reducing peak anxiety and can help people relax and quickly adjust their mood.

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